How to plan a bridal shower.

Your Duties as the Maid of Honor include being the co-host of the bridal shower. This is one of the most important tasks you will be given. You will lead the charge. On this page we have included a planning list. It is arrange chronologically. Follow this list to get everything done on time.

Three months before the bridal shower

  • Begin to think about where you might hold the party.
  • Try to consider different themes.
  • Discuss different options with the bride and other bridesmaids to see what they are thinking.

Two months before the bridal shower

  • Consult with the bride to decide on the guest list.
  • Get the addresses and phone numbers of everyone on the guest list.
  • Choose the shower location.
  • Decide on the theme, food, drinks, setting.
  • Coordinate schedules with the most important people to find an acceptable date for the bridal shower.
  • Decide on bridal shower favors.
  • Inform the other bridesmaids of all decisions up to this point.

One month before the bridal shower

  • Finalize the date and time.
  • Mail out the invitations.
  • Purchase your gift to the bride.
  • Purchase favors for the bridal shower guests.
  • Decide on shower activities including bridal shower games.
  • Assign all of the bridesmaids a specific shower task.

One week before the bridal shower

  • Confirm RSVP's via telephone.
  • Buy all supplies, food, booze.
  • Gather supplies for the bridal shower games you have chosen.
  • Put aside a pad of paper and two pens to keep a log of the gifts given.
  • Choose the party decorations
  • Call all caterers, florist, party location, etc. to confirm the date and time of delivery.
  • Choose your outfit and make sure it is properly cleaned.
  • Assemble and wrap(?) party favors.
  • Wrap your gift to the bride.

The day before the shower

  • Decide how much prep time you will need to put up decorations, etc.
  • Call all the bridesmaids and ensure they will be arriving in advance of the party.
  • Prepare any food items you can.
  • Run last minute errands.

The day of the shower

  • Review the above list to make sure you have completed everything.
  • Arrive early.
  • Finish preparing food or pick up food orders.
  • Help the other bridesmaids set up decoartions and seating
  • Help other bridesmaids arrange flowers and food on tables
  • Keep a log of all of the gifts given to the bride and who gave them.
  • Have fun.

Invitation Wording:

I thought I would include a sample of text for a bridal shower invitation. You can use this sample to ensure that you don't leave anything off of the invitations.

You are invited to attend a bridal shower

in honor of Bride McBride

Sunday, June fifth, at four o'clock

123 Shower Location St., Showertown, MA 01234

RSVP to Maid McOfHonor

(222) 333-444

Notice that some information is not included. For example, it is considered bad taste for any bridal registration information to be included in a bridal shower invitation. This information is best spread using word of mouth.

Possible Problems:

"Whenever planning something by committee dealing with the various personalities can be difficult." says Lisa Nardone, a marketing executive and expert on working with large groups. She suggests a kick-off meeting where everyone is allowed to express their opinions and desires. As the bridal shower planning leader you should make sure that every opinion is heard and given fair consideration.

Try not to come to this meeting with only one idea. There is no right or wrong answer. There are many solutions that will allow your friends, family and guests to have a great time. To reach consensus try to put a positivie spin on ideas that are likely to be enjoyed by the bride and will meet the needs of most of the co-hosts. Don't forget however, that you are going to be doing the most work so don't sign up for something that will leave you miserable.

Good luck.

Reference: Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette, staff