Here are some tips for the matron of honor. We have concentrated on the slight ways that being a matron of honor can be different than being the maid of honor.

A matron of honor is simply a maid of honor that is currently married. If you have been married and are currently divorced you can call yourself a maid of honor again. In this page we will discuss what events that your husband will be allowed to attend, what will happen to him and how you should act in various situations. We will also discuss issues related to weddings and children.

Your Husband:

Events your husband should be invited to attend:

  • The wedding
  • The reception (he will not be seated at the head table however he can join when you mingle with the guests during the reception)
  • The rehearsal dinner (the rehearsal is usually optional for him)

Things that your husband probably won't be invited to:

  • The bridal shower
  • The bachelorette party
  • The bachelor party (unless he is a friend of the groom)
  • The reception dance that involves the bridal party. The matron of honor dances with the best man. Usually 1-2 songs at most.

Exceptions to these rules are rare so you shouldn't expect any.

Your Children at the Wedding

If you have children. They will sometimes (but not always) be invited to the wedding and the reception. This is the bride's decision. If she does not want children in attendance you should honor her request and have a sitter. A wedding is celebration and some celebrations include your children and some do not. According to Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette this should be entirely the bride's decision.

You should plan to have a sitter if your husband is attending the rehearsal dinner also. The rehearsal dinner is a party thrown by the Groom's family. Bringing your children to the rehearsal dinner is a breach of etiquette unless they are specifically invited.

Bridal shower / bachelorette party

If you and your bride's social circles don't overlap much you should enlist the help of the bridesmaids when planning the guest lists. Ensure that you are inviting the correct people and you will have a great time.

Reference: Oxford Dictionary, Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette, staff